Hawaii or Bust Day One and a Half

Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Friday at 2:30 PM Darin, Kev, and I began the journey to Hawaii. We drove three hours to St.George and then decided to stop to visit our cousins for a few hours. We got back on the road to drive to Vegas to meet up with the rest of the Hiatt family coming from Cali. We got to Vegas around 10:30 PM and our flight didn't leave until 2:00  so we just hung around for a little bit.

Hanging out at IN N OUT.

Our flight left at 2:00 in the morning and landed at 5:00 Hawaii time so it was about a six hour flight. I slept pretty much the entire trip with the exception of waking up every 10 min to readjust and get warm again. I don't understand why they keep airplanes so cold...

Darin showing off at the airport.

We landed, got our luggage, and our rental cars, and headed for the condo! On our way we stopped for breakfast and half of us got the Hawaiian breakfast which consisted of spam, eggs, and rice.  I stuck with the maple and fruit oatmeal which is actually delicious! I would recommend getting it if you find yourself eating breakfast at McDonald's. 

We checked out our condo for about 20 minutes and then we were desperate to set off for our first adventure of the day.  Shark's cove! We went snorkeling and saw some awesome fish. I had never been snorkeling before and it is kind of hard to get the hang of but it's really cool once you do. Then when we got tired of that we took power naps on the beach to "get tan".

While I thought I was getting tan, it turns out I actually got burnt! I normally only wear sunscreen on my shoulders and face in Utah and never burn but I was wrong to do that in Hawaii... so moral of the story is... APPLY and not just liberally.

When we went back to the parking lot to drive back to the condo,  we noticed our car had been badly side swiped and there was no note or anything. HIT AND RUN. We had to file a police report so that when we brought it back we had something to show that it wasn't our fault. I think Darin and I should just avoid parking lots all together during vacations... because this isn't the first time... refer to THIS to see our luck.

After we went back we took naps and relaxed (minor jet lag) and then went to explore some more. First off to turtle bay but not for very long. Apparently there was nothing to be found there. However, Megan and I enjoyed the wedding ceremony that was happening right next to us on the beach. It was the perfect day for a beach wedding.

Darin looks like he has a sweet stache in this pic

Kev found a random swing and had to test it out...

Then we left and tried to go to turtle beach but the traffic was so insane that we just went back to sharks cove to end our day. I laid out again and just enjoyed the peace of the rain and sun. 

We ate dinner at one of the many shrimp shacks on the North Shore and it was so great! I don't usually eat shrimp but I couldn't resist fresh food! Now, I love shrimp!

We pretty much just showered and slept after that because for us it was like two in the morning even though it was only 9 on the island.

That concludes day one and a half.  We made it to Hawaii!!! 

Mahalo for reading! :) ----> I may as well be native.


  1. Sounds so fun!!! I'm jealous! you look so pretty in your pics too


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