Year In Review 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 was great as we hope it was for you 
A new job, a new baby, and a big move too

In February we found out we were pregnant and we were overcome with joy
We patiently waited until May to find out if baby was a girl or boy 

In March Darin interviewed for a job at the one and only Google
Which then took us to the place where no one can live so frugal 

It's true that the Bay Area is not cheap, beauty has its price 
San Francisco, the beaches, warmer weather, oh it's all so nice 

Stefany started her first full time job in January at ActiveCare 
But due to the move she was looking for jobs again once spring was in the air 

She found a job as a nanny for three kids and it was fun
They built forts, played countless games and went swimming under the hot summer sun 

Darin bought a sweet mountain bike and has been playing lots of ball 
Stef spent most of her free time researching baby stuff and all 

Darin and Stef spent time together exploring the San Francisco bay 
They played tour guide for family and friends that came to visit and play 

The best part about our year is our families newest addition 
Cohen and his sweet smiles have become our newest addiction 

We love the things we are learning as a brand new mom and dad
Sleepless nights, poopy diapers but we are both still very glad 

Glad to have been blessed with a happy and healthy baby
Time to start thinking about a second one ha just kidding! Maybe? 

We are so grateful for the blessings we have thanks to  20-14
Let's see how next year goes for us bring it on 20-15

---Other Highlights---

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