Hawaii or Bust Day Two

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Sunday Funday! The thing I love about being LDS is that there is pretty much always a chapel anywhere you visit and the services are always the exact same. We went to church near BYU Hawaii and the Laie, Hawaii temple. After church, we took a visit to the visitors center of the temple and walked around the temple since it's closed on Sundays. The Laie temple is the fifth operating temple so it has been around for a LONG time. 

The beautiful view from the temple

Afterwards we went to the condo had a late lunch/early dinner and spent the whole day relaxing. We played a little Bang and other card games then headed to one of the well known fruit stands. They had passion fruit (kinda nasty), dragon fruit (yummy), and other regular fruits. I mainly went for the fresh pineapple. I LOVE pineapple and it tastes even better in Hawaii of course!

Dragon Fruit

Weird shadows on my face...

Megan wanted to see a sunset so we went to Laie point to watch it come down. It wasn't much of a sunset since it was cloudy and a storm was just beginning but it was beautiful to just watch the waves hit the rocks.  We found  a dead octopus there that had been thrown up onto the rocks by the waves that were thrashing around. The boys decided to do an examination of the octopus that we were all amazed by. 

Dang clouds getting in my way...

Poor little guy

Sunday was very much a chill day for us, but very relaxing after a jam packed weekend. If you were to ask me one of the things I miss most about Hawaii, it's honestly probably just the feeling of driving around and taking in the beauty of the natural world around you. I am so incredibly grateful I got to experience it.

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