Anniversary Weekend

Sunday, April 28, 2013

I cannot believe that today is our one year anniversary already! I don't understand how it happened so quickly.

Darin and I knew we wanted to get away for the weekend but we didn't have a ton of time and we didn't want to buy last minute plane tickets. After considering places like Bear Lake, Vegas, and others we decided we really wanted to go to Colorado but not drive too far. We chose Glenwood Springs!

Glenwood Springs was named the most fun city by USA TODAY. It is about an hour drive from Grand Junction, Colorado to give people a more familiar name.

Glenwood Springs is the home to the world's largest man made hot spring! Well the pool is man made but the hot water comes from a real hot spring. I really enjoyed the hot spring because it wasn't ultra hot. Most of the time I can't stay in a hot spring for longer than 10 minutes but it felt so wonderful.

Anyways! On our wedding day I wore a beautiful pair of boots that I had designed especially for us! I have been waiting a whole year to have an excuse to wear them again so I have been wearing them a lot this weekend. 

Here is a pic of me in the boots right before getting in the car to start our road trip! 

We got there around 7 PM Friday night and so we didn't have time for a lot but we went to dinner at the #1 restaurant in Glenwood Springs (according to Yelp) and it was called The Pullman. 

Doesn't this look so good! Darin did not enjoy this restaurant as much because he is more of a quantity over quality type of guy. I, however, am the complete opposite and found this meal to be rather delicious. 

That night ended with a little mini car accident which was unfortunate. It was not our fault, just a little mistake made by another driver, but we were safe and healthy so we tried not to think about it the rest of the weekend. 

The next day we went down the lobby for breakfast. I LOVE when hotels have breakfast included. That is a must when choosing a place to stay. Then we went back up to the room and watched movies until around 2 PM. That is our way of vacationing apparently. 

Later that day we went to Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park. This is a really cool adventure park on top of a mountain. In order to get to the park we had to take a gondola lift. 

They have a lot to do at the adventure park, but because the "season" doesn't start until mid May, half of the park was closed. We were able to do the alpine coaster and the cave tour. As scary as caves are, I am kind of in love with them. They are so spectacular. 

Today we woke up, checked out of our hotel, and went to Yampah hot springs vapor caves. This was one of my highlights of the trip! It is an underground cave that is a natural sauna. I have never sweat that much in my entire life. There is benches in the cave that you can just lay in and then after about 10 minutes you go upstairs and lay in the solarium and just relax until you fall asleep. 

Us attempting to take cool walking pics: 

Basically that was a glimpse of our weekend in a nutshell! Happy one year anniversary Darin Hiatt! You are the greatest!

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