Cohen's Three Months

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Weight: 11 lbs 14 oz

Medical: he's been a very healthy baby this month luckily! He did sleep a lot after his 2 month shots for a 48 hour span and then returned to his normal self. 

Sleep: he's still a really good sleeper. Usually goes to bed sometime between 8 and 11 and then wakes up around 7 for the day. And in the middle of the night he will wake up to nurse once. During the day he naps a lot. Usually like 6 naps or so.

Clothes: Still in his 3 month and 0-3 month clothes but these are starting to look small on him so he may move up to the next size real soon. 

Diapers: Still in size one pampers swaddlers. 

Diet: breast milk 

Baby Gear Love: this month he seems to be like being held more than anything

Firsts: first Christmas, first time sticking his hands in his mouth, first time talking (cooing), first visit to San Francisco, first time on a fairy, first play date, first BYU basketball game

Milestones: can put weight on his legs, initiates smiles, discovered his hands and his eyes, can suck on his hands 

Likes: noise, being talked to, playing with daddy, being held, going out

Dislikes: not being held, scary noises Dad makes

Things I want to remember: 
-how fussy Cohen got when we opened Christmas presents
-the cute sounds he makes when he talks to me
-he self soothes with a pacifier basically before every nap
-how adorable his smiles are
-how he loves to be held like a football
-everyone always says Cohen is such a good baby
-every time people see him they say he looks more and more like me

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