Coming back with a bang!

Monday, July 22, 2013

In four days Darin and I will start our journey to Hawaii with the Hiatt side of the family. I am now beyond excited! This whole summer I have been really nervous about missing a whole week of school during the summer because it is the equivalent to missing two weeks of school but I KNOW that I need this vacation to relax and get rid of the stresses of daily life.

On Saturday I bought a new swimsuit for the trip from Dillard's and I can't wait to wear it in Hawaii. All of my energy is going into not wearing it until we are actually there. We also purchased some snorkeling gear and those hideous swimming shoes that you can buy at sports stores. I told Darin I didn't need any but he told me I would regret not having them, so we went for it with style. Mine are extra cool because I fit into the youth size. Buying all of this stuff made me so excited, I have so much homework and papers and such due before I leave so I know I need to tame down a little bit.

Since I have never been to Hawaii all that I have is google images for inspiration:

Yesterday we had the opportunity to see sweet little baby Mae get blessed by her father Dave. Then Dave and Elaine held a luncheon for all of their friends and family at their cute new basement apartment. It is so fun seeing all of our friends get pregnant and have beautiful babies! I love becoming an Aunt (by friendship not by blood just to clarify)! We are so happy for The Veirs and can't wait to meet the other future babies our friends are having.

While at the luncheon we found this beauty. This was "my baby" for the day.

That's right! Look at this zucchini... I fell in love at first glance. I could not believe the size of this squash.

Well since it's been over a month since the last post I will probably need to try to play catch up with the blog but I am not making any promises! I hope everyone has been having a wonderful summer thus far :)

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