Cohen's 7 Months

Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm not lying when I say that every month taking these pictures gets more difficult. Today he wouldn't smile at all or even look at me and on top of that he ruined his sticker again. But I can't help but post them anyways because smile or frown he's the cutest kid ever!

Weight: 16 lbs 2 ounces

Height: 26 inches (at 6 months)

Medical: We got through a whole month without colds or teething! Yay!

Sleep: Where has my good napper gone? Cohen sleeps 12 hours at night waking up usually only once to nurse. Because he sleeps so much at night, it seems that he is no longer wanting to nap 3 times a day. Either that or he just loves to be mischievous. Every time I go over to the crib to give him his binky he starts giggling hahaha

Clothes: He still fits into the 6 month sizes but we are transitioning over to 6-9 month and 9 month sizes! 

Diapers: Pampers size 2

Diet: Breast milk, avocado, sweet potato, carrots, butternut squash, banana, apples

Baby Gear Love: I just ordered a Jumperoo on Amazon and it comes tomorrow! I am so excited for him to try that. Other than that I just bought him some new blocks and one of those squishy balls so he's into those new toys right now. Also this kid loves to grab paper, as I'm sure most babies at this age do. 

Firsts: First time moving to a new place, first time trying a sippy cup (he had no idea what to do), first time signing the word milk, first time playing in the sand, first time eating small bite sized foods, first time going to a wedding, first Mother's Day (that one's more for me ha)

Milestones: If I place him standing near a stable surface he can hold himself standing, he can move around quite a bit on his tummy but no crawling yet but I can see he's learning that his legs can go up underneath him

Likes: bath time, standing up, going out, watching other kids and babies

Dislikes: tummy time (he gets frustrated he can't get anywhere)

Things I want to remember: 
-Cohen shakes his head from side to side like he's saying no 
-How he clicks his tongue 
-How many compliments he receives
-How he truly is such an easy going baby

7 Months just seems so old! I can't believe we are over the half way mark of the first year. We are already planning his birthday party can you believe it?

Cohen, mommy and daddy love you very much. Thanks for being so patient with us as we learn how to be good parents to you. You deserve the best and we will try our hardest to be that for you. Love you sweetheart. 

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