Cohen's 10 Months

Thursday, August 20, 2015

He wouldn't smile for any of the pictures. He's a stubborn one :)

Weight: 19 lbs 1 ounce 

Height: 27.5 inches (at his 9 Month appointment) I'm sure he's grown a little taller since then

Medical: Teething, 2 teeth that seem to be emerging 

Sleep: Cohen finally has a crib! After sleeping in a pack n play for 9 months he's graduated to a crib! We didn't have room in our first apartment for a full size crib and our last place was temporary (2 months) so we decided to wait until now. I know this will be better for his back but the pack n play did make hiding from him when he was trying to go to sleep a little easier :)

He still wakes up once a night but has slept through the night 3 times in the past 2 weeks so we are making progress over here people!

Clothes: He's still wearing his 9 month stuff! But once he outgrows those we have lots of shopping to do because we didn't get much 12 month stuff from our baby showers. Fine by me, I love shopping for baby clothes!

Diapers: Pampers swaddlers size 3 still. These go until like 25 lbs I think, so he'll be in this size for a while. 

Diet: Cohen is still nursing and eats solids now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I've added a snack now between lunch and dinner because he seems to get a little fussy between those two meals.  

Baby Gear Love: He's really into balls, books, chilling outside in his bouncer, and going in the pool in his little boat floaty thing. Also, he's still into everything that's not a baby toy. These little babes are just curious about everything!

Firsts: first trip to Utah, first time meeting his belly bestie Kenneth, first time sleeping in a crib, first time giving mama a kiss 

Milestones: Says "Da da" and "ba" ), can walk assisted but would rather crawl, and gives kisses! That's my favorite milestone!

Likes: Being chased by daddy, blueberries (he LOVES them), dogs, being read to, being sung too

Dislikes: when he can't get somewhere he wants to go, when I tell him "no", when food doesn't come fast enough

Things I want to remember: 
-how when I start reading books he'll come over to me and actually kind of listen (it's so cute)
-how he has NO desire to start walking (until he had a friend come over who's already walking) when I try to get him to walk he puts all of his weight on his legs to try and sit down on his bum and crawl
-the way he throws his head back when he's upset or mad
-how he initiates kisses now when he wakes up in the morning
-how he talks in his sleep
-the snuggles when he wakes up
-how loud and energetic he is at church
-when he crawls ALL over the room at story time and all of the other moms laugh.... (don't worry mom's it's just a matter of months until your kids are doing the same thing haha)-how he giggles at other babies and kids

Cohen, your personality is shinning through more and more every day. You love to make people laugh and smile and are such a little entertainer. You totally got your dad's energy and personality. But you got your momma's tan skin! You've seriously gotten so tan this summer! You love to be outside, you love to play with your mommy and daddy, and you are so curious about EVERYTHING! We love you so much baby boy. 

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