The Last of New York

Thursday, April 2, 2015

After a day of much needed rest we ventured out to NYC on our own for the first time. Our friends that we were staying with had to return to work/school after the weekend. We started our day at the 9/11 Memorial which we got lost going to like 3 times. Even with Google Maps. 

Darin really wanted to check out the financial district that day so we saw the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street and saw the famous Charging Bull statue which I had never heard of. The whole week Darin kept talking about seeing the Bull and I kept thinking he was saying Bowl. So I thought we were headed to take a picture with a giant bowl haha. In the evening we checked out Battery Park and then did the city night bus tour. We had an awesome tour guide who thought Cohen was awesome so that made things real fun! The bus took us over the Brooklyn bridge into Brooklyn for a bit which was our first and only visit into one of the other boroughs.

On our last day in the actual city we ate Lunch at a place called Jacob's Pickles. So yummy. I got this never ending skillet of Mushroom Mac N Cheese which I probably only finished a fourth of. The rest I gave to a homeless man in Times Square. We spent the majority of our time that day at the MET museum. I enjoyed the art and Darin mainly enjoyed playing with Cohen but he did appreciate some of the art. If I go back to New York there are two things I will do differently. First, I will make time to see a Broadway Musical. I wasn't quite sure if babies were allowed to go and I didn't think Cohen could sit quiet for 3 hours. Second, I will dedicate multiple days to just exploring the various museums in the city. The museums were definitely my favorite part. I'm not sure if it's because I was just excited to be out of the cold or if it's the inner nerd insidenthat loves to read about everything.

Well New York, we had such a blast! Hopefully Cohen will appreciate all of the pictures in the future when he wants to hear all about the fun we had in New York. 

Love y'all!

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