Happy Easter

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Cohen: Shirt//Shoes

Easter is such a beautiful time of year. Spring is so beautiful and full of life and we are filled with remembrance of our Savior and his resurrection. He lives! It's a great time of year to just celebrate life. It's such a joy to watch a young baby discover life through his little eyes, fingers, mouth. It is a good reminder to appreciate all that this beautiful world has to offer and this beautiful world reminds us of our Savior who created it and who died and rose again for us. 

I hope everyone enjoys this Easter Sunday! We will be dyeing eggs, eating yummy food, and watching conference with friends. What will you be doing to celebrate today?


  1. Great pictures! Easter is such a beautiful time of the year and having these pictures of little Cohen at this point of his life will be a treasure to you forever. :-)


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