Day Trip To Philly

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

And another day in the Big Apple!

On Sunday we spent half of the day at the Museum of Natural History. This was probably my favorite part of our whole trip. We didn't even have time to see it all cause it is so massive. When I go back to New York I will be sure to dedicate an entire day to the museum because half a day is just not enough. 

So when you go to the museums in NYC you can pay the "suggested price" or make a donation to the museum as your entrance fee. Since we didn't want to pay the full suggested price, Darin donated for each of our tickets but that means you don't get to enter certain exhibits. That was all fine and dandy until we got to the Butterfly Observatory, the ONE thing Darin cared to see. It's all he could talk about all day. We get to the exhibit and it was one of the places we weren't allowed to go with the tickets we had purchased. Darin was so bummed. I turned to Darin and said "Aww babe, I'm so sorry, this is the one thing you were so excited for". The patron overheard our conversation. We decided to then just take a picture in front of the exhibit to pretend like we got in. And our friend who took the pic said "hey let's get this lady in the pic who wouldn't let us in". Well somehow that worked. She let us in after that as long as we didn't take the picture. Darin was thrilled. Actually thrilled is an understatement.

After the museum we ate at Shake Shack... which to be honest I was not that impressed with. Sorry East Coast people to rain on that parade. It was good, but didn't live up to it's hype. I prefer In-N-Out.

Then we went to central park, Colombus Circle, saw Juliard, and the LDS temple. 

On Monday we rented a car and drove to Philadelphia for some authentic cheese steaks. Except for mine was a mushroom one and delicious. We went to this huge indoor farmers market that just so happens to be the oldest one in America. We also saw the Rocky steps and took an iffy picture of the liberty bell from the outside. IT WAS WAYYY TOO Cold in Philly. Mainly because we didn't know any indoor things to do there. It was a quick trip but we did everything we wanted to.

I promise only one more New York post left  :0 

Love y'all!


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