Cohen's One Month

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Mom I'm hungry, please stop taking pictures"

I cannot believe that my baby boy is a month old already! Im stuck between "I can't wait until he can do this" and "he's growing up so fast". I'm excited for the milestones he will be hitting this first year of his life but am sad thinking about how quickly that time will pass.

Here are some facts about Cohen on his one month birthday!

Weight: 8 lbs 8 oz 

Height: 20.75 in long 

Medical: nothing serious we have been truly blessed!!!
- clogged tear ducts for the first few weeks of life
- bacterial infection in his butt (should heal super quick)

Sleep: I think one of his longest stretches has been four straight hours. One of these was last night which meant a good 3 hours straight for me! It feels nice, surprisingly I feel well rested after 3 hours. He's also doing a pretty good job of distinguishing night from day now which is awesome. 

Clothes: He's still in all newborn size clothes. We haven't tried any of his 0-3 month clothes yet but with how quickly he gained weight he will probably be in those in just a few short weeks!

*In this picture he's wearing a Carter's 3 Month Onesie!

Diapers: Still using pampers swaddlers newborn size like a champ. I think he's only had 2 blow outs. One went all the way up his back poor guy. 

Diet: breast milk 

Baby gear love: his swing and mommas babywearing wrap

Firsts: He had his first halloween this month where he dressed up as a cop and mom and dad were jail birds 

Milestones: he did what sort of seemed like a smile on the 9th but he's working on one I can tell :) 

Likes: bathtub, snuggling with mommy and daddy on our chest, the lamp in our living room, and Shake It Off (mom pretends he likes this) 

Dislikes: when bath time is over, being cold in general, putting clothes on and taking them off, he used to hate diaper changes too but is getting used to those

Things I want to remember: 
-how alert Cohen is, at one month that is pretty normal I would assume but he was alert the minute he was born and it was and still is so cute
-how strong Cohen is, he grabbed my hair with a tight grip ever since we were in the hospital and still has a pretty tight grip and everyone comments on how strong his neck is already, also a characteristic he's had since birth 
-Cohen got his first shot today, he did pretty well, only cried for like 30 seconds but it was so sad to watch 
-when he sucked on his arm and gave himself a hickey (he does the same thing to daddy's arm)
-how he sleeps with his arms above his head 


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  1. Aww he's so cute! They really do grow up fast! I was just writing about that on my blog. It's so sad but so fun at the same time! Oh and I love the video! haha!


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