Cohen's Two Months

Monday, December 15, 2014

Wow it's crazy to me that Cohen no longer looks like a newborn and is starting to look more like a baby. Everybody that saw him as a newborn and that has seen him now said he totally looked like Darin when he was brand new but that he's really starting to look like me.

He was born with a full head of hair and then lost the hair only off the top of his head. It seems to be growing back now so he has short hair on top and long hair in the back. Basically a mullet! And his new hairs are growing in dark brown which is funny because he had light brown hair to start with that we thought could turn blonde.

Being a mom is so much fun! I love it! We are really lucky because Cohen has been a very easy baby so far. He's super chill and just cries when hungry or tired. Somebody told us that God gives easy babies the first time around that way we will want to have more! I thought that was funny but made me nervous for more children since Cohen's been so great! Oh well it's too early to think of that anyways :)

Weight: 10 lbs 10 oz

Height: 22.25 inches 

Medical: we took him in again because the "bacterial infection" on his bum wasn't getting better and we saw our pediatrician this time and he said it was diaper rash and so we've been treating it as such. He also has a cold he's been fighting off the last week and it's so sad to hear him cough and hear his stuffy little nose.

Sleep: he's a really good sleeper. I think his longest stretch right now is like 7 hours! Most of the time though he goes about 4 of 5 hours, wakes up to eat for 20 min or so, quickly falls back asleep, and then sleeps for another 4 hours and he usually gets up around 7:30 every morning. He's outgrowing his bassinet though so we are going to have to get him out of that this week 

Clothes: I kept trying to fit Cohen in his newborn clothes until around thanksgiving when I finally got over the fact that he's going to outgrow stuff. I was in denial! He's in 0-3 month and 3 month clothes now. 

Diapers: again I tried extending the life of the newborn diapers but this time simply because I didn't want to waste the newborn diapers we had left. But when he started peeing out of every diaper we knew they were no longer fitting him so he is in pampers size 1 now.

Diet: breast milk but since last month he has learned to take a bottle of pumped breast milk so now I can go out for longer which is nice!

Baby Gear Love: this month he seems to be liking his play gym/mat thing 

Firsts: first time at church, first thanksgiving, first picture with Santa, first time meeting grandpa Charpentier and uncles and aunts, first road trip, first time with a babysitter, first time being sick (not a happy thing to remember)

Milestones: rolled over from stomach to his back, social SMILE

Likes: lights, being held like a football, being read to, this YouTube video, snuggling with dad

Dislikes: tummy time (he's getting used to it), stop lights, facing in when being held 

Things I want to remember: 
-Cohen was blessed this past month
-First time I saw his social smile was when Grandpa C was holding him 
-how amazed I was at how quickly he rolled over 
-how cute Cohen and daddy look snuggling in bed on Saturday mornings 
-how frustrated Cohen gets when on his tummy 

We love you Cohen sweetie! You're such a blessing!

Happy Two Months baby boy.

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