Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Finale

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I still feel uneasy after last nights episode of Pretty Little Liars. I thought we would finally get to learn who A is but I guess that wasn't the case. There was a lot of good dirt revealed but nothing would have been better than to end this guessing game going on in my head. But, the show wouldn't still go on if we knew who A was I guess.

After four seasons of relentless waiting, I cannot wait until the day that I know who A is. I wonder if the writer even knows who A is at this point. I love this show so much but I am sure most people start to hate it after a while, I however am in too deep.

Last night's episode:

  • Ali tells all about the night that she was buried and who she encountered
  • Spencer, no Spencer never hurt Allison and I can't believe she didn't tell her that right away, how Allison of her to keep Spencer thinking that she hurt Allison or the other girl
  • Seriously, Nole Kahn is protecting Ali? Still shocked.
  • CeCe and Mrs. D know who killed the girl that everyone thought was Ali
  • Mrs. D buried Ali alive to try to cover up for someone
    • Could it be Jason?
    • Or does Ali really have a twin? 
    • Jason makes sense but that wouldn't be that cool of a reveal
  • Mrs. D dies and is buried KARMA
  • The girls encounter A who has a gun, Ezra comes to save them and he ends up getting shot 

I still think Melissa is in on something especially after whispering to her dad knowing that Spencer never killed anyone. She either knows who killed the girl and tried to hurt Ali or she is the one that tried to hurt her but again, I think that would be too obvious. I feel like when they reveal who it was that hurt Ali we will all be very shocked.

Here is what the writer tells us about the Jason theory "the immediate go-to would be Jason, but as you know, nothing is as straight forward as it seems."

Didn't someone say once that we meet A in the very first episode? Am I crazy or did someone really say that? Because if so, I am totally going to go back and watch the whole thing and write down every single suspect.

Well basically PLL is all I have been able to think about since last night and it's driving me crazy! My thoughts are still so jumbled. Does anyone have any crazy theories to share? 


  1. I will. Be going on my netflix tonight and watching the 1st episode to try and see who A is. This show is soooo good that my mother is even watching it and she barely speaks English lol

  2. i missed the finale, but once i heard we didn't hear who A was, i haven't been itching to watch it. this weekend though!

  3. ah I started to watch PPL last year and got to the third season and just stopped. Thanks for reminding me that I need to keep at it! xo
    Ps: your mom barely speaks English? Soo cute! I love your cultural-ness xoxo

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  5. I am in too deep as well! There were some speculations about lady in a veil being A( she was attending Ali's funeral).But that was probably Alison.
    Do you read PLL books? Real page - turners! The story in the books went in totally different direction though.


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