What Stef Does On The Weekend

Friday, March 21, 2014

I am going to take a moment to embrace my inner nerd and share with everyone my current favorite games to play. In honor of the weekend ahead of us here is a little sneak peak of what I will be doing with my friends this weekend. If you like games even in the slightest, these will just blow all expectations out of the water but I am a true believer that games aren't fun unless you are with a fun crowd so make sure you join one of those first.

Exhibit A:

Samurai Sword

I love this game more than an Eskimo child loves fish. If you've ever played BANG then you will never play it again after playing Samurai Sword. Trust me, I tried playing BANG a few times since Samurai and it's not even the same. It is made by the same people that created BANG and it is the same concept only Japanese style oh and no one dies in this one which is another reason that it is better than BANG. Plus I win at it a lot. :)

Exhibit B:


If you've ever played Mafia, you will never play it again after playing Avalon. I'm saying this a lot because it is true. This game is so popular among game folk that it was sold out as of about a month ago. There's a good team and a bad team in this game, and as fun as it is to be on the bad team, it is much more stressful. The difference between this game and mafia is that this game is actually fun and there is no killing people off in this game either so you don't have to sit and wait an entire game to play again.

Exhibit C:

King of Tokyo

I've only ever played this game like two or three times so I'm not good at it yet but this game is like Yahtzee with style. I would still play Yahtzee because they are completely different other than the fact that it is a dice game, but it requires some luck just like Yahtzee does. Plus you get to play with fun Godzilla looking characters.

Hope everyone embraces their inner nerd this weekend :) Love y'all.


  1. I've never heard of any of these games!! Which one is your favorite???! I Loveee games!! Thanks for sharing xoxo


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