Hawaii or Bust Day Three

Thursday, August 8, 2013

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Day three we woke up and left at 9:00 AM for the hour drive to Diamond Head. It's only about a thirty minute hike and it's not very steep but it's amazing how high you get in such a short amount of time. The hike itself wasn't that pretty, but the view from the top is absolutely amazing. Afterwards we made a pit stop for some lunch and continued on to Pearl Harbor. We just checked out some of the exhibits there but didn't stay very long because all of the fun tours were all sold out.

Darin took an iPhone panoramic pic on our way to Diamond Head at Chinaman's Hat

We HAD to make a Walmart trip on the way home because we went through groceries round one in a day and a half and all of the grocery stores on North Shore are super expensive. On our way home from Walmart we saw some turtles laying outside on the beach so we made a pit stop to check them out. The turtles had cute little name tags and most of them were injured so they didn't move much at all. The boys continued on to snorkel and the girls went home to unload the groceries.

Megan and I checked out the pool behind our condo and it was amazing! The water felt like bath water and the tile on the floor of the pool was so smooth on the feet!

When the guys came back they joined us in the pool and told us all about their near death experiences... Flossie (tropical storm) brought in some crazy waves that was trashing them in between the rocks. They came back with cuts and scrapes all over their legs. My father in law told me I was still lucky Darin was alive... I don't know why they think that these near death experiences are fun but anyways :) Day three was amazing! &&& I wish we could still be on the island.

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