Hawaii or Bust Day Four & Five

Thursday, August 15, 2013

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Day 4:
Flossie was a dud. Tropical storm my butt. The only thing Flossie brought us was rain and more rain. That morning we went to the Laie temple to do some service. Most of the rest of the day consisted of figuring out how to have fun in the rain. Megan and I walked to the beach and as soon as we got there it started to rain. We stayed for like 20 minutes and then we walked home once the rain started to pour.  It was literally like dumping buckets. We ran home with all of our beach stuff in the puddles and splashed around.

We decided to embrace the rain even more by jumping into the pool. Of course five min after we get in and back from the beach it stops raining. 

Once the boys got back from another snorkeling adventure they took a nap and us girls went for a run. After the run, Megan and I got our tan on while we waited for everyone to wake up.

First caught in the rain, then caught sun bathing in someones backyard

Then... the moment I waited for the whole trip happened! We went to get shave ice IN HAWAII. We went to Matsumotos shave ice which is this famous little place. It was really good but I can honestly say that Hokulia in Utah is still the best!

I thought this would be the only pic that I got with him...

Then all 8 of us went snorkeling to see the turtles. We went near turtle beach at the "secret spot" the boys had scouted out. It was amazing. We saw an eel, schools of fish, coral, and the turtles!  There was a turtle that literally swam within two feet of me,  I was freakinggg out. Mainly because I was scared but also because it was so cool.

Day 5: 
Morning FIVE we went to Goat Island.  Well some of us did. Megan, Darci, and I stayed behind and watched as everyone else swim out to Goat Island. The waves were crazy that morning so I decided it probably wouldn't be smart for me to go.

My hair had a mind of its own in Hawaii

Next we went to the Hukilau cafe in Laie! This is the famous cafe from 50 first dates which is one of my favorite movies :) I was SO happy. They didn't actually film the movie there but they did use the cafe name. Half of us got the Hukilau burger which has hamburger, egg, and teriyaki beef! Definitely not for me... I just got a regular cheese burger lol... I am so boring apparently.

Darin's heart attack on a plate

Next we went to Waimea beach! I was so happy we finally went because every time we drove past it, it looked picture perfect.  It was the first time,  other than turtle bay, that we actually laid out at a beach.  We all laid out, slept, swam, and jumped off the cliff. Darin attempted to do a handstand dive off the cliff but he couldn't get the right balance. The boys kept doing back flips in the water and headstands in the sand. It was just wonderful to be in such a beautiful place. I would give anything to be back there right now!

I know that is a lot in one but that's what happens when trying to play catch up!

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  1. This trip looks seriously fun! Hawaii is my favorite place in the world but I've only been to North Shore once! I love the less tourism aspect of it. Many more locals!

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