I Am Not A Fashion Blogger But

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Today I will be.

Whenever I started my blog just over a month ago, I remember thinking to myself that I couldn't be a fashion blogger because...
A: I don't have enough cute clothes
B: I repeat outfits all the time, and
C: I am not a fan of being in pictures of just me.

In fact 1/12 of my facebook profile pictures consist of me and only me. The rest of the pics are of me with someone else.

Basically I will be honest, I am not fashionable enough to be a fashion blogger. I have my moments of weakness where my "glam" consists of t-shirts and just mascara. Maybe that is not a weakness though, it is just part of the reality of me being me.

Well one day I was taking outfit pictures for one of my great friends who is a fashion blogger and she suggested that I take some too. So we did. It was a blast!

Blouse: Kohl's (Lauren Conrad
Leggings: Dillards
Shoes: Macys (Giani Bernini)
Earrings: Hidden behind all my hair but fyi they are from Charming Charlie

Most of this isn't brand new but the leggings you can now purchase in their spring colors which are beautiful so check that out above. Oh, and they are so comfortable! I have another pair in a different color. 

I wore this outfit to our end of the year party for my job at LDS Philanthropies. However, the party was right in the midst of finals week so I didn't want to dress too uncomfortably since I had planned on spending the rest of the day in the library. It is finally starting to feel warm again here and so I felt like it was a safe time to pull out the bright pants.

Anyways, this is my casual style. Like I said, I am not a fashion blogger, but it is fun to try something new every once and a while :)

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  1. Too cute! Loving your leggings and thanks for going out of your comfort zone and sharing a cute outfit!
    Question about your leggings: Are they kind of like jeggings or are they legit leggings?
    New follower!



  2. Caroline, they are jeggins and so comfortable!


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