Week One: First and Foremost Favorites

Saturday, March 23, 2013

If there is anything important to learn about me it's that nothing makes me happier than FRIENDS reruns on TV. Although I was under the impression that I had seen every single episode at least once, I am currently watching Season 5 Episode 22 with virgin eyes. 

Speaking of eyes, Monica forces Rachel to go to the eye doctor in this episode. 

This is the Glaucoma test. They try to blow your eyes out during this test. Rachel did not like this test, nor do I. 

However there are things I do like: 
Dry Shampoo:

It is pretty common knowledge that washing your hair everyday can't be good for it.  However, if you are anything like me then you hair gets oily super quick. Dry shampoo is my lifesaver. Especially when you have a busy schedule.

Multigrain Chips:

If you are going to eat chips with your sandwich for lunch, this is a much healthier alternative. Also it's gluten free!

Touch. Friday nights at 7 MST on Fox. They are currently in the second season but you can easily catch up with season one on Netflix in just one weekend. If I tried to summarize the show it would sound weird and turn everyone off so my recommendation is that you just go and watch the first episode. Unless you don't want to get hooked on a new TV show then I would not recommend Touch. Because you will get hooked. Basically I think this show is incredible. 

These are my "first and foremost favorites" for the week.

With Love,

Stef with an F

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  1. Totally agree with you I just love love friends!! I can't get enough of watching its reruns on tv! Even though I know the series I crack up every time I watch it on tv! :)


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