Our Story: Part Two

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

After dating Darin for about two months I left to move home for a long four month summer. We decided not to be committed to one another because we wanted to keep our options open. After a long summer of skype dates, late night phone calls. and writing letters to each other it gradually grew to be a more committed relationship. Darin even had flowers delivered to my house in Texas one Friday afternoon.

By the end of the summer Darin came to Texas to meet my family, spend time with me, and tell me he was falling in love with me. Luckily, I felt the exact same way. Darin left Texas to come back up to Utah and there was still another two weeks left of my summer. Those two weeks between seeing him and moving back to Utah literally felt like an eternity longer than the whole 3 or so months I went without seeing him before that. There is something about love that makes your heartache when that person is gone.

After moving back up to Utah, I moved into my new apartment, and the school year quickly began. Luckily for us we skipped most of that first week of classes and spent time with a group of friends at Lake Powell. We weren't quite ready to face the realities of real life.

I will never forget the memories that we created at Lake Powell that late summer. It was the perfect ending to the summer that I spent falling in love. Part Two is complete.

With Love,

Stef with an F

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