A Beach Day

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Kite flying, s'more roasting, sandwich eating, frisbee tossing, picture taking, chit chatting, and game playing. That's what the beach is all about. Well sometimes it's about swimming but not when it's 60 degree weather outside and it's the Pacific. We had so much fun with our friends at the beach this weekend. With friends out of town the weekends we are in town or vice versa it has been hard to find a time for us all to get together but we finally did and it was so relaxing. 

A word of advice for going to the beach on a windy day, never leave your food sea level! I put mine down on my beach towel and walked away for a second and a gust of wind blew sand all over. My sandwich literally became a sandwich. It was so delicious though that I had to just eat around it. Who could say no to Roasted Vegetables and Goat Cheese? Not me, even with sand. 

I've decided that our family needs to spend more time near the water. How lucky are we that we are such a short little drive to the ocean? I am so excited for this summer! 

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