39 Week Bumpdate

Friday, October 10, 2014

This is the final countdown week until we start to count up! And yes what I mean by that is I'm expecting little guy to come late so I'm not disappointed when my due date rolls around and he's not here yet. But with that being said, prayers and positive energy are much appreciated that I do not go too far past my due date because I don't want to be induced if I can help it!

I can't believe pregnancy has gone this fast. It really in retrospect feels like it's been a long time, but the days get quicker and quicker as this "due date" approaches.

How Far Along: 39 Weeks+3 days (due date is just 4 days away)

Size of Baby: Small Pumpkin :)

Weight Gain: As promised in the previous bumpdate, I hit that magic 35 lbs

Symptoms: ITCHY TUMMY! It's weird, it only happens a few times a day but I get these itch attacks where I HAVE to scratch and it BURNS... this started happening about a week ago when these magical stretch marks appeared on my stomach finally

Other symptoms: Frequent peeing, pain in the pelvic region, joints loosening up, being super clumsy!

Movement: He's been moving a whole lot the past few days which makes this momma happy!!!

Sleep: Still interrupted by frequent bathroom breaks and gets super hot at night (90 degree weather here in Cali in October) not making sleep easier for this preggoo

What I miss: I miss being able to move around at ease, these last few weeks have definitely been the hardest, changing positions at night can be quite a task

What I look forward to: At this point, I am really looking forward to labor because it is right on the horizon (window of less than 3 weeks) so it's kind of crazy to think when I wake up in the morning that today can be the day that we meet Baby Hiatt, if you would have asked me just a few days ago I would have said that I am definitely not ready... but I am like 90% ready now :) I just want to snuggle with our son!!!

What Daddy looks forward to: He's also looking forward to labor and getting to meet Baby Hiatt, for Darin I think this journey has felt so much longer, I don't know if he's more anxious to be a parent or if it's because he's not actually pregnant himself but he feels like I've been pregnant forever... haha


  1. YAY! The final stretch! I'm so excited and anxious for you two, as well. It's so fun being a parent, and you two are bound to be great parents! Sending best wishes and positive energy your way... :)


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