What's In My Hospital Bag?

Friday, September 26, 2014

By no means am I in expert in what needs to be brought to the hospital because I'm a FTM. But here are some of the things I am bringing to help me through labor and to make our stay at the hospital more comfortable.

Boppy Pillow
-breastfeeding can be hard (so I've heard) so I am bringing my Boppy Pillow to the hospital with me so I can get comfortable using it during feedings

Birth ball
-to help with positions in labor

My Own Pillow
-another labor comfort object

-this is actually not for the hospital, but for when we are laboring at home and on our way to the hospital this is a towel for me to sit on in case my water breaks before we get to the hospital

Diaper Bag

Here's what's inside the Diaper Bag:

Nursing Cover

-to keep track of/take home any paper work that we are given at the hospital

Swaddle Blanket
-they provide swaddle blankets at the hospital I'm sure, but since this will be our first experience swaddling a baby I wanted the nurses to help teach us how to do it with a blanket we will actually be using at home

-because who wouldn't want this cute beanie on their baby boy

Baby Album
-for footprints and handprints that the nurses do at the hospital

BYU Receiving Blanket
-Darin's Grandma gave us this receiving blanket and I thought it would be fun to have in the hospital for pictures and stuff, Go Cougars!

Baby Outfits
-I know they provide onesies at the hospital, but for pictures I figured it would be fun to have some of his own cute outfits on hand

"Mi Primera Ropita Gracias Abuelita" bag
-My abuelita (grandmother) made me this bag for my mom for safe keeping of the clothes that she was taking me home from the hospital with and my mom passed it down to me for our baby
-In Colombia it is tradition to take babies home from the hospital in yellow, so inside the bag is a cute yellow outfit that my Aunt in Colombia gave to us to bring him home from the hospital in

Here's what's inside the suitcase:

Nursing Pads
-They say your milk doesn't come in while you're at the hospital, but I say you can never be too prepared

Tucks Medicated Cooling Pads
-used for relief after childbirth

-for Darin at night since it's always cold in hospitals

Sleeping robe
-I got this to wear to bed at night or just to wear immediately after delivery so I don't have to put pants on and easy access to boobies for feedings

-I've heard to bring your own towel for showers at the hospital because their towels are insanely small

Granny Undies
-I got "boy short" undies to wear postpartum that are pretty big so they can fit those wonderful pads that they give you in the hospital

-for walking around the hospital in during labor and afterwards because I wouldn't suggest going barefoot

Hair ties and chapstick
-Because those are both necessities in labor with all of the breathing and sweating and such

Swimsuit for Darin
-In case I want to labor in the shower and I want Darin in there with me, that's what the swimsuit is for

Nursing Sleep Bra
-I haven't actually purchased a real nursing bra yet because I'm still unsure how to go about picking the right size but this is a nursing sleep bra because I learned that it gets uncomfortable to sleep bra-less when your breasts are engorged so that's what that is for

2 Cardigans, 2 pairs of sweats, and 2 tanks
-Cardigans for warmth in the hospital
-Sweats because I will probably want to wear lose and comfy clothes after delivery
-I was going to buy nursing tanks but I couldn't find any that would fit me right after delivery because I know your body doesn't just shrink back to original size so instead I bought these really lose tanks from Forever 21 to wear that give easy access for nursing as well

Snacks for labor
-Because I plan on not getting an IV when I get to the hospital I bought some applesauce and banana chips to keep my energy up during labor

Snacks for after
-The remaining snacks are just for us to have between meals, since Darin doesn't have meals provided by the hospital I figured it would be good to have snacks on hand for him, also the cereal is for breakfast just in case the baby decides to come at like 5 in the morning and I'm starving after but the cafeteria is closed

Hair Brush

Dry Shampoo
-in case washing my hair is the last thing I want to do

Mini flat iron
-Who knows if I will actually use it, but it's small enough to bring along

Face wipes



In toiletry bag: 

Overnight Pads
-for the bloody mess, need I say more...
-hospital provides, but in case I don't like them then I wanted to bring some of my own

Face wash, body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouth rinse, Q-tips, shaving cream, and razor

Things not yet packed but that are on our list of things to grab before leaving:

Birth Plan
2 Toothbrushes
2 Cell Phone Chargers
2 Cell Phones
Make Up Bag
Insurance Cards & Photo ID
Clothes for Darin
Darin's glasses and contacts
Change for vending machines
Goodie bags for nurses

Well there you have it! We are packed and ready to go at 37 Weeks :) It's as if we are going on a vacation in the next 5 weeks or so and have no idea when vacation will start. It's kind of awesome and we are so excited.

Love y'all!


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  2. That's pretty much all I brought, too. Don't know if I just missed this on your list--be sure to bring any music our hypno scripts (already downloaded to your phone, of course) that you might want to use during labor. Even though you want to labor at home as long as possible, you may still want these things once you arrive at the hospital.

    ALSO...my Camelbak water bottle with a straw (http://www.amazon.com/Camelbak-Better-0-75L-Bottle-Black/dp/B0019DA7IW) was a life saver!! If you aren't planning on using an IV, you will definitely need Darin to remind you to stay hydrated, and this water bottle was easier to drink from than a cup where you have to tilt your head back.

    1. Heather that's an awesome idea! I need to get one of those water bottles cause my blender bottle is too much work for labor! Thanks for the suggestion :)

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  4. This is a great list, thank you so much for sharing. When is your due date? so exciting!

  5. Oh my goooooossssh!!! This makes is so real haha (as if having a baby in your belly isn't real enough) I'm so excited for you Stef you guys are going to be such amazing parents! Can't wait to see pictures of that babe when he's ready! xoxo


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