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Friday, September 19, 2014


1. Darin's new toy 

Darin wants to get into mountain biking so he bought a mountain bike, a new helmet, gloves and has been hitting the trail behind our house on the weekend.
He also got a goPro which he used to make the video below. There's a first time for everything right?

2. Back to nanny life

The kids I nanny for are back in school so I am only working part time now but I was so happy to see this cute note on their dry erase board on my first day back.
Also, apparently when the kids ask to borrow my phone to take video, they decide to do flips with it! NOT OKAY haha

3. Getting ready for the big debut

Pack n' play all set up and ready to go with bassinet and changing "table". Once he grows out of the bassinet we will take this down and put up the crib.
Yay for sharing a room with mommy and daddy!
Car seat came! I am so excited about the price I got for this car seat :)
Diapers, not so excited for the price on those bad boys. However I did get a $25 gift card for buying them.

4. Missing friends and family (especially my favorite 4 year old)

I hope his parents don't kill me for making him say "Go Longhorns" :) as he wears an A&M shirt
We made this video for "Bob" which actually translates to Darin. He cracks me up!

5. Spending these last few weeks of alone time with my love

Leaving cute notes on his car
Watching Breaking Bad
Going on dates

6. Food

1. Tomato basil pesto grilled cheese for lunch
2. Quinoa black bean tacos (made lots so now I have a few nights worth in the freezer for when baby arrives)
3. Breakfast
4. Cucumber tomato salad for lunch

7. My best friend and my son's best friend the day he was born

I so badly wish I was in Utah right now snuggling with this guy.
Can't wait for our babies to meet each other. 

8. Documenting important changes (other than the baby bump)

Who needs picture of a growing belly when you can take pictures of facial hair coming off?

9. Discussions on naming our baby (again, we are like 90% sure) but it's a secret for now :) 

Maybe you can play iSpy and try to guess

10. This Video

You may need to turn your head sideways to see the baby movements, honestly I am probably the only one that can see it but I think it's so cool.
The quality of the video is very poor so it makes it even harder to tell. But just take my word for it, he's moving lots!


  1. Wow! Baby Hiatt sure is moving around a lot!! I could definitely tell by watching the video. :-)

    Good luck pinning down a name...I'm sure whatever you pick will be perfect! :-)

    1. Thanks Heather! And thanks for always reading :) I wanna see more on your blog soon!!!

  2. Names are seriously the hardest part! Ryan and I are going crazy trying to decide on one especially now that baby girl might be coming sooner then we thought. Had a doctor appointment today and ended up in the hospital with early labor symptoms. Gotta pick a name soon before she gets here! Good luck with the name!

    1. Oh my goodness! Is everything alright? I hope everything is going well now. I'm sure once you see and hold her the name will come to you :)

    2. Everything is fine now. Just waiting to see what happens. I posted something about the experience I had on my blog if you would like to read it. Also I'm looking forward to read about what you are taking to the hospital. I think I got everything I need but you know that feeling that something's missing? yeah.. so let's help each other out! haha! :)

    3. I read and commented on your blog! What a scary experience, to be going into possible early labor and then not be... how weird!

      Also, I filmed a video to post about what's in my hospital bag and then Darin accidentally deleted it haha so it's a work and progress right now :)


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