Getting Tanner

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I cannot believe how quickly time has been flying by. We have lived in California for a month and a half now and although it seems longer it has gone by rather quickly.

It's already July and that means one more month of work and then August will be here. In August I will have one week of work, go to Utah for a week and a half, go to Texas for a week, and then we are going to Southern California for a few days at the end of August so August basically doesn't even exist in my book. Then September will be prep like crazy for Baby Hiatt to get here. Then October is here, when the grand debut takes place.

Last weekend was a very relaxing, very busy weekend getting Tanner! Our best friends, the Tanners, came from Utah and it was a much needed time to spend with them, not quite long enough though when you only get two days with each other.

We took them to Google to show them where Darin works now, San Francisco to see Fisherman's Wharf eat clam chowder and go to Ghiradelli square. We took them to Monterey, 17 mile drive, Carmel, and to the Santa Cruz boardwalk. We also got to go to our dear friends wedding in Fairfield and had so much fun there! We had a blast and are still recovering from the busy weekend especially because we get to play tour guide again this weekend because we have more people in town to visit :)

I miss them already but August will be here so soon!


  1. You look great Stef!! Miss u!! xo

    1. Thanks girl! I feel big so I appreciate the compliments haha!


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