Bumpdate #2

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How Far Along: 23 weeks

Size of Baby: Large Mango

Weight Gain: 12 lbs so far. It may be 13 by this week considering I don't have a scale at home and that was how much I had gained last week at my appointment. It is interesting how much harder squats and lunges are when I am carrying around this extra weight.

Symptoms: Round ligament pains, peeing all the time, feeling of pressure on my bladder, stretching pain in the area down under.

Maternity Clothes: I haven't purchased any yet but nothing fits me except for my leggings and other stretchy pants. Anything with a button on it... can't do it anymore. I would really just like to fit into one pair of jeans so I want to make that my first maternity purchase.

Gender: We had our 20 week ultrasound last week at 22 weeks. They asked if we knew the gender already and we told them that we had already found out he's a boy. The ultrasound tech went over that part again and kept saying... "Yup, he's for sure a boy alright". Whatever that means :)

Movement: So at the ultrasound he asked if I had felt any movement yet and I told him that I thought I did but I couldn't tell quite yet. Then when I could see Baby Hiatt kicking and punching me on the ultrasound I could totally feel it! That was such an awesome moment. It turns out I have been feeling those punches and kicks all along but I thought it was pregnancy gas the whole time.

Food Cravings: Anything salty or covered in salt. Or just salt.

Sleep: I think I slept through the entire night the other night and woke up in the morning in a panic that I hadn't peed for a whole seven hours.

Belly Button: Slowly morphing into an outie... does this change back? I miss my old belly button. It is kind of funny to watch this in between stage though.

What I Miss: Sushi

What I Look Forward To: Buying a maternity swimsuit. And his kicks getting stronger so I can feel them more often.

What Daddy Looks Forward To: Playing ball with him. Basketball. He thinks our baby is going to come out a four year old... For my sake I sure hope not.


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