We're Pregnant Part 2

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Last post I left off at the moment that I found out I was pregnant... I took the test when Darin wasn't home and there was no way that I was about to last the whole day without telling him. I literally paced back in forth in our bedroom freaking out cause I couldn't think of a cute way to tell Darin. I decided I would put together an "early valentines day gift" and go drop it off at Darin's work. I texted his boss before hand to get the approval and to make sure Darin didn't have any meetings.
In a gift bag I put in a UT onesie that my mom bought for us over Christmas break and a BYU jersey onesie that we bought a while back cause it was on sale. Then I put the pregnancy test wrapped in the baby clothes and had Darin unwrap his valentines gift at work. He was super when I came but still took a second to rejoice and he was super excited but almost didn't believe it was real. That night he had me take another test so he could see it for himself!  I don't blame him! I was in disbelief too!
Here's a video of me freakingggg out before telling Darin:

That night we told our best friends Kaitlyn and Benson at dinner because they told us first when they got pregnant we had to return the favor!
Then that night I video chatted with my family and told them I had to ask them for advice on a "job offer" I received. I told them to check their email and I sent them the picture of the gift I got for Darin with the pregnancy test. My mom flipped! My dad's reaction, "Why did you send me a picture of baby clothes".

Two days later we had made plans to spend time with Darin's family in St. George. I got some free doughnut Valentine's at work that day and on the back I wrote them a poem and then handed them their Valentine once we had everyone together. They were so excited and I was so happy that they were all so excited and supportive!


  1. Awww This is so so cute & exciting. That was such an adorable idea!!! Very simular to what I want to do next time we're pregnant. I want to make him a Daddy basket with two of everything. :)

  2. Thanks so much! Daddy basket! That is a fantastic idea!


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