As If Our Lives Aren't Changing Enough...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

We are officially moving to the San Francisco Bay Area at the beginning of May! Darin is starting his dream job out there on May 19th. We are super excited! He's secretly more excited than I am. I have a hard time with big moves. Ask me what it was like when I left Texas to move to Utah for school. I was not a happy person at all and I do not want to relive those first few months again.

Some things I am excited for:

  • I have never lived this close to the ocean and I can't wait to spend the summer at the beach!
  • Exploring San Francisco, I have never been north of Los Angeles in California so I will have a lot of exploring to do
  • FOOD, this is probably the most exciting one
  • Travel! Every weekend will be like a mini vacation just going to different fun places in the Bay Area
  • Close(r) to family. We are still not close but I guess a 6 hour drive to the in-laws beats a 9 hour drive any day!
  • Winter won't suck as bad, although I will really miss the snow to be honest
  • Cheap flights back to Provo on Allegiant Air, this I am really grateful for because I am going to miss our Utah friends so much
I am a little nervous for having our first baby born in such an unfamiliar area but maybe it will be an adventure not giving birth in the baby making MECCA that is Utah. 

When Darin started the interviewing process I got excited and started a board on Pinterest for decorating/organization ideas for small spaces. It will be interesting going from our "let's buy a house in Utah" mentality to "let's get the smallest apartment you've ever seen in Cali".

Here's some of my inspiration: 

Love the floating lamp and night stands! I love that the lamp doesn't sit on the nightstand so you don't have to worry about that taking up space. 

I am not this crafty but I will need a baby closet like this one. Drawers for diapers, onesies, toys, books, etc. All in one closet!

I love the idea of a room divider! Especially for small apartments. This one is really fancy and I have seen much simpler ones but this has a lot of class. 

I am kind of obsessed with this bedroom. How awesome would it be to sleep up there every night. Especially because you would never need to make the bed :)

Not a fan of all of the plants but I do like the idea of some hanging plants like in this picture. Perfect for adding life into the room without taking up a whole lot of space. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you know anyone that lives in the Bay Area that would be able to give us advice on what areas to live, we would appreciate any help! Love y'all!


  1. AH CONGRATS!! On the job, the move, ahh it all sounds so wonderful!! So excited for you. Living by the ocean ROCKS I miss it everyday that I am away from it after growing up with it in my backyard ahhh

    1. I am so excited! If you and your husband ever decide to take a trip to the Bay Area you have a place to stay!

  2. GREAT little onesies!! Super opportunity for Darin too! Wow, look at you, being all mommy and wifey! What a great adventure you are on! Can't wait to visit you in San Fran! (or thereabouts). Soooooo excited and proud of both of you! Be brave and let the Lord guide you. xxxoooxxxooo

  3. Everything made from recycled wood is absolute love of mine!
    Love floating lamps too!
    Have a nice and smooth move :)

    1. We may be getting a one bedroom apt for a few months so I think the wood room divider might actually get put to use!


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