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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Got off at 7:00 and went straight to hang with one of our favorite couples. They spoiled me rotten with making some delicious gourmet style burgers with fresh meat from Benson's parents cows that they raised. Also, they put zucchini in the burgers for me, my favorite! Then we played some lovely games of BANG and SAMURAI SWORD, just a few of the Fantastic Four favs.

Then we had pizookies and partied a little too hard apparently.

Costco was a madHOUSE. I think all of Utah County was at Costco on Saturday. We had to get our fair share of free samples though so we dealt with the crowd. Afterwards we stopped and got a RedBox, made smoothies, and watched The Great Gatsby. Well I watched The Great Gatsby while Darin slept through the whole thing. Ironic because everyone knows I NEVER last a whole movie.

Then we went to dinner at Terra Mia Ristorante which is an authentic style Italian restaurant. The food there is amazing. I was a happy girl after leaving that place. Then we saw fireworks and played games AGAIN. This time Avalon and Two Rooms And A Boom. We are kinda game fanatics.

Went to West Jordan for our friends baby blessing. Little baby Maddox is just the cutest little two month old. We went over to their house afterwards for breakfast and then played games and socialized until the Superbowl. I napped during the first half and then socialized the second... YAY Football. I only watched halftime and the commercials. After a fun filled 11 hour day with some of our closest friends it was time to catch up on sleep.

My birthday morning I celebrated by letting myself be lazy and caught up on vampdiaries in bed. OH MY, was that a great way to wake up. Work came and went and then Darin and I went to Pizzeria Seven Twelve to celebrate just the two of us. He gave me my birthday gift, an hour long relaxation massage. I can't wait to use it! (Makes up for last year when he gave me a "fat burning" massage not understanding what it was). He's the greatest.

Thanks everyone for all of the birthday gifts and wishes. I really had a wonderful time.


  1. Happy birthday Stef!! :)

    Looking forward to working with you!

    1. Thanks Alyssa! Hey I tried to comment on your blog by the way but I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't let me. I have to put in my email and stuff right?

  2. Yum all that food looks so good and you looked so so pretty on your birthday! What is redbox? Happy Birthdayyy xoxo

    1. Redbox is a machine where you can rent movies from. You pay a dollar a day that you have it. How do y'all rent movies up in Alberta? And thanks girl :)


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