Thank You T. Swift

Friday, January 31, 2014

Thanks to Taylor Swift I feel as if this should be the birthday that I am most looking forward to. 

I mean now that I am going to be 22, I will finally get to:

  • gracefully fall into pools 
  • look good in headbands with cat ears
  • eat breakfast at midnight
  • be with the cool kids
  • jump on trampolines
  • dress like hipsters
  • and be happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way
That sounds like the life. No wonder I am so excited for this birthday weekend. 

Well even though 22 will be amazing, 21 was pretty great. Here are some of the highlights. 
  • touched a starfish for the first time
  • graduated college
  • went to Hawaii
  • tried shrimp and loved it
  • went off-roading
  • celebrated my first wedding anniversary

So here's to another year! I am thankful for the life I have lived so far and I am excited to see if 22 really is as good as T. Swift claims for it to be.

instagram/twitter/etc:   #stefstwentytwo

Oh and just so you know how we are partying this weekend:

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I am dying over your skin right now.. its amazing! You're gorgeousss xoxo


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