Weekend In Review

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekends since graduating college are the absolute greatest! I've always liked the weekend but they are so much better when you don't have homework or projects to work on.  Even though I would pretty much never do homework on the weekends, just stressing about it on the weekend was draining enough. Now I get to play all I want guilt free.

This weekend started off with a wedding up in Salt Lake at This is the Place Park. We got there two hours late but made it just in time for dancing and seeing some old friends. Following the wedding we went and played games at Darin's brothers apartment with a group of friends. Darin and I love playing games as you can tell by the majority of time spent playing games just this weekend.

Saturday morning I went to Zumba and Darin had to coach a basketball game. Afterwards, we got ready in 30 minutes and then left to meet up with some friends for the annual Car Show in Sandy. We went two years ago but wanted to go again this year to see the latest and greatest. It was awesome to see the variety of cars from luxury to basic necessity cars there was one for all. We also looked at some beautiful model homes that day. Basically the whole day was spent looking at things we won't be able to afford for a while!

After that we got home to a nice surprise! My diploma arrived :) I have never felt that graduation was more official. We then rested for 20 minutes or so, and then packed up and left again for a Gender Reveal party for one of our good friends. It's a girl!!!!! We had so much fun seeing all of our friends there and of course... it ended up turning into a game night.

The following morning we went to church and I taught Sunday School for our little 8 and 9 year old class on The Creation. This was the result.

Their drawings are seriously better than anything I could have done. The afternoon was spent sleeping the whole time because we had a lot of catch up sleep to do. Oh and there was football. After dinner, we went to another friends house to play games (again) (told you) with some of our old work friends.

Did I mention how much I love the weekend especially now that I don't have school to think about? But now it is Monday and it is back to work for 5 days. But at least I can start planning the next one :)

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