Franklin's BBQ

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas break was overwhelming with over indulging in some of my delicious favorites. I don't know how one stays fit on vacation? That is something I have yet to figure out. But I just barely made it back to Utah and can now return to eating home cooked meals and eating when I want.

Franklin's BBQ came about circa 2009 AKA my last year of high school but I never tried it until a few days ago. I could not believe my taste buds.

HAVE YOU EVER.... waited in line for FOUR hours to eat? If you have then you are CRAZY because if it wasn't Franklin's it wasn't worth it. The line is outdoors so not only was it four hours but it was four hours in the brisk 40 degree Texas winter weather.

So at around 10:00 AM an hour before the restaurant doors open, the employees come around asking about how much BBQ each person in line would like so that they can estimate how many people in line they can actually feed. Franklin's cooks a certain amount of food so once they are out then they close for the day. Once they figure out how much food each person would like they can estimate about how many people will be guaranteed food and then hand someone the "last man standing" sign. We were literally RIGHT in front of the last man standing. Had we been behind him we probably would have left because you are no longer guaranteed food and the line is still four hours long. 

The first part of our group got in line at 9:30 and the rest of us met up about 10:15. We literally didn't sit down to eat until 1:30 PM. But it was a glorious time once we finally made it. 

What an incredibly scrumptious experience.

This place was so legit they started their own YouTube channel with episodes on how to cook BBQ

The best news if you hate waiting in line but want to try Franklin's BBQ then you can order it ahead of time!!! But the shortest wait for ordering is a month and a half. So pick and choose your battles my friends.

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