A Busy Weekend

Monday, May 13, 2013

We were just non stop all weekend.  I got off at work at 7:30 on Friday and that's where it all started.

Darin was super hungry when he picked me up so we headed to Cubby's for dinner. It was our second time at Cubby's and I wanted to blog about it the first time we went but we never got around to it!

Darin trying to decide on what looks good...

I got the cockadoodledoo again this time and Darin got this tri tip sub sandwich type thing. My sandwich consisted of some grilled chicken, avocado spread, spring mix, grilled onions, tomatoes, and tastes like heaven.

I honestly give this place a 5 out of 5 stars. It reminds me so much of Austin. That's probably why I love it so much.

After Cubby's we went to see iron man 3 which was so good. I haven't seen the first two so I was nervous I wouldn't get it but it was awesome! I did fall asleep for a good twenty minutes of it but there isn't one movie that I don't fall asleep in. 

On Saturday we went to Midway to ride on the RZR's and go off-roading. I haven't had that much fun in a while. It was a non stop adventure for two hours. During those two hours we experienced rain, hail, sunshine, freezing cold, and really hot. Utah weather...

Saturday night we went up to visit some great family friends and we ate pizza and saw iron man 3 with them for the second time that weekend. Luckily I stayed awake during those twenty minutes that I slept through the first time but sadly I fell asleep towards the end. Somethings seriously wrong with me.

On Sunday we cleaned up our apartment a bit after being away from it all weekend and then went to church. After church we went to G-MA Hiatt's for a delicious dinner and then partied it up with our friends Dave and Elaine. They are great!

Today was Monday which meant back to normal life again. School, work meeting, then my first time at the pool since last summer! I love my single ladies :)

Then it was time for dinner and for dessert we got snow cones with our favorite people Kaitlyn and Benson... the snowcone lady lied to us though and didn't put gummy bears in our snow cones so then we went to 7-11 and bought are own. Instead of eating them though we decided to play gummy bear toss. 

Let's see who can throw it the highest and catch it in their mouths. 

Just in case you were wondering what it would look like to have a gummy bear miss your mouth and hit your neck. Gummy shaped wound.

P.S. I have some videos that I wanted to post of the RZR experience as well as the gummy bear toss but unfortunately I am experiencing technical difficulties. They will be posted in the near future!

I hope everyone's weekend was as great as ours! :)

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