Showers Galore

Sunday, April 14, 2013

This weekend was my best friend's birthday, two bridal showers, and a baby shower. One super busy but enjoyable weekend. 

First on Friday night Darin and I went up to Murray near Salt Lake to eat at The Cheesecake Factory for Lily's Birthday. 

Carol's bridal shower was at Costa Vida. We just spent the time talking, eating presents, and dominating at Scattegories Carol style. I know Carol through Darin. She grew up in the town right next to Darin and they have the same group of Cali friends! We are so excited for Carol and Josh to be married in LA. 

Next I was off to the next shower. This bridal shower was for my friend Beth. She met her fiance in high school but they didn't start dating until college. They are adorable. Beth and I lived in the same freshman dorms so her bridal shower might as well have been a huge Freshman year reunion! I loved getting to see everyone!

Then it was off to Elaine's baby shower! I think this is the first baby shower I have ever been to since moving to college. It was set up super cute and she looked like she got showered with great gifts. I went in on a gift with two of my friends and we bought Elaine and the baby a spa tub and some washcloths! Elaine is such a cute pregnant lady, I wish I would have taken a picture but I couldn't stay super long and it totally slipped my mind to take a picture. 

So here is one from about two months ago at their gender reveal party! Apparently I did not feel like dressing up that day...

She has such a cute baby bump and it makes me so excited to have one of those in the future! 

I went straight from this shower to pick up Darin and then we were off to his boss' house for a small party with work friends. We had a taco bar and it looked so scrumptious I had to photograph it.

Well after this busy weekend, Darin is on his way to San Francisco until Tuesday for another business trip! Maybe I will actually study for finals while he is gone, but we will see. :)

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