Thursday, April 18, 2013

Today is the day! It is the official... one month-aversary of Stef With An F. I figured the best way to celebrate this grand achievement would be to go back to the beginning of the blog posts. The "Our Story" series.

I left off with the wedding! How unforgettable that day is... it is crazy that in 10 days it will have been one year since we got married.

After the wedding, of course, was the honeymoon! A cruise from Long Beach, CA to Ensenada, Mexico. We got married on a Saturday but our flight to California didn't leave until Sunday afternoon so we stayed the night at The Renaissance Hotel in Austin. Anyone from Austin knows this hotel. It is located in the Arboretum with Amy's ice cream and the big cows! Sunday was pretty much just filled with mini adventures and then our flight to Cali.

On Sunday night we stayed the night at Darin's house in California. We had the whole place to ourselves since all of his family was still in Texas. On Monday morning we packed up our things and drove the hour drive to the Long Beach port where we then boarded the Carnival Inspiration!

Just as a heads up: I probably didn't wear make up in most of these pictures seeing as I lost some of my brushes on our wedding day... so I was not thrilled when Darin wanted to take all of these pictures. Looking back though, I am grateful he was so enthusiastic about taking pictures (something he got from his mom who is an avid scrapbooker)!

So if you have never been on a cruise before, prepare to be amazed by all of the food. They pretty much have 24 hour food service. For breakfast and lunch we ate at the buffet and then for dinner we had an assigned table to sit at with full service dinner. The people that we were assigned to sit with were much older than we were but they pretty much adored us. 

Darin was pretty overwhelmed by how much food he had access too. One of the first things we did when we boarded was eat! 

The second day was even colder and more overcast than the first, but that didn't stop us from doing something crazy! We decided to go parasailing for our first time and it was worth the money. Excursions on cruises are not cheap, so make sure you REALLY want to do something before you slap down the money for it.

I thought these pictures were funny because you can see how hard it was for us to kiss while parasailing...

Quite the accomplishment I must say!

The next day we arrived to Mexico and we took a bus to La Bufadora which is pretty much just a blowhole  that every few minutes or so shoots out water. It was pretty cool but we mainly just wanted to get off of the cruise ship for a few hours.

Check us out sportin our Proof Sunglasses!

 Unfortunately the endless food, countless shows, excursions, and overall fun had to end soon.

We had to give a proper goodbye to our friend Leo on our last day! Leo was our stateroom steward and pretty much the nicest guy ever. Leo would make us awesome towel animals everyday and leave chocolates on our pillow. He was the best!

I wish so terribly that we could go on a cruise again this summer, but for now we have grown up things to do!

If you make it through this entire post, I am proud of you! Leave a comment :)

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  1. looking so good in your proof glasses. Cute blog!

  2. Thanks girl! Hope y'all are doing well :)


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