One fun weekend before one long week

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Friday night, Darin and I went to Wendover, Nevada. We went with Stilson, Kyle (guys from Darin's work) and Kyle's wife Sam.

Here was the start to our one night road trip. We left around 6 PM, made a few stops, one of them being Chipotle, and it was a really quick less than two hour drive! 

We then arrived to Wendover. Everyone said it would be ghetto. Yes, it doesn't have the nicest casinos I have ever seen but it was worth it for a less than a two hour drive. 

Darin and I were nervous at first so we decided to start our mini trip out by exploring. While on our exploration, we found this cool elevator with a mirror on the ceiling. Naturally a photo needed to follow this discovery. 

We decided to start out easy so we hit up the one dollar slots. The first one was a no go but the second slot machine was a winner! We paid five dollars and won 120! Best part of our evening by far. Then Darin played a little black jack and we decided to call it a night as far as the gambling goes. We stayed till around two in the morning and got back home around four. I haven't stayed up that late since Darin and I have gotten married. Married people DON'T stay up late :)

It is kind of hard to tell but Darin is holding our $120 voucher. We high fived each other and promised that we would not ever let this get the best of us! Winning on our first try is definitely how people become addicted to gambling and we did not want to become one of those couples. But it was fun for the time being.

The next day we slept in super late and then we attended the Holi (festival of colors) with his work buddies and their wives. Festival of Colors is a throwing of chalk that happens at the Hindu temple here in Utah once a year. In India they do it to celebrate the arrival of Spring. 



Then today of course was Easter Sunday. I adore Easter! I just love watching kids go crazy looking for their candy filled eggs. More importantly though, I love a holiday that unites people in their love for Jesus Christ. He died for us so that we may all become perfected through him. Happy Easter Everyone!

I hope everyone's weekend was as great as ours. Have a great week! 
P.S. On Tuesday I will be doing a Pinterest Review on Avocado Mac N Cheese. 

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