Monday, March 18, 2013

My name is Stefany with a Y and my last name is Hiatt with an I. 

Welcome to the blog that has been started multiple times (I literally have five different blogs started with blogger). This is my first real post in my first real blog and this time I hope I really mean it.

This past year has literally changed my life and I don't have a way of really reflecting back on it other than memories. That is the inspiration for this blog. Memories. One of these days I will look back on my life and there will have been things that I have forgotten and those things will have shaped me into who I am. I don't want this fear of losing those precious moments to be lost in the passage of time and that is the true purpose of this blog. 

As for a start... here is a clue as to what has been so life changing this past year. 

I started a forever and always with my best friend.

With Love,

Stef with an F

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