Cohen's First Taste

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I am so excited that Cohen is starting solids! One goal that I have for Cohen and my future children is to teach them healthy eating habits. A good way to start is by making my own baby food to give to Cohen. This week we started Cohen on avocado. 

I took maybe 1/8 of an avocado and mashed it up real good. Then I added breast milk in until I got the consistency of yogurt. Darin was disgusted by the thought of the combination, but I reassured him that it would help Cohen because he would recognize the familiar taste of his milk.

The first day Cohen seemed like he didn't like it so much. He didn't understand the concept of the spoon feeding and it took him a while to get used to another flavor. Towards the end of the feeding though he was getting the hang of it! Day two was even better! He seemed to be loving it. This time I ate avocado with him (minus the breast milk lol) to show him mommy eats it too. He even grabbed the spoon and tried feeding himself. He ate the entire bowl that I made for him. Of course a majority of it ended up on him rather than in his mouth but that's cuter anyways. Oh and this time I didn't make the mistake of feeding him with clothes on.

If you're still reading this let me share a secret with you. I'm really truly embarrassed to post those first few pictures where I'm in them with Cohen. I have been losing hair like crazy since giving birth and you can really tell in these pictures because my hair is up and also the angle that the photo was taken. However, even though I don't have the "ideal" hair line anymore, I wouldn't trade anything for that little avocado mess of a boy that I have to snuggle with. I just love him so much and my imperfections just serve as a reminder to me that God blessed me with a healthy beautiful baby boy. Happy six months baby Cohen. I love you my Cocoa Puffs. I hope you have enjoyed these first six months as much as mommy and daddy have.

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