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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

So today's prompt for Blog Every Day In May is: Where are you writing from?

Today I am writing from Lindon, Utah laying in bed. I didn't have a set post for today so I am just winging this one with a prompt to keep me going. It has almost been a whole week that I have been blogging every day though and I am pretty happy with myself. I normally start things without ever finishing. Ask me how many books I've read in their entirety. Harry Potter 1, 2, and then I read half of 3. Yes, I am that girl, the one that never finishes something she starts but starts a lot of things. That's why I'm scared I could never run a marathon or something big like that because I would probably just stop half way through just so I could keep living on as the "girl that never finishes."

End rant.

Like I was saying, I am writing from my bed. Where I should be right now is off the bed and packing up boxes so we can be ready to move after our weekend trip to California. It is officially one week until I will be blogging from Cali-forn-iaaaaa. Please pray that we can find an apartment out there this weekend that way Darin doesn't start his job at Google homeless. We appreciate all of the love and support we've had thus far.

Love y'all!

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  1. My cousin works for google and they live in Sunnyvale, which they say is much cheaper than living in the city! Good luck on finding an apartment and on your new adventure!


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