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Friday, May 30, 2014

Life has been crazy to say the least. We have been officially living here for two weeks now but somehow it already feels so normal. I am still looking for a temporary job to fill the time between now and when baby boy Hiatt gets here but hopefully one will be coming my way shortly.

In the meantime I have been spending all of my free time:

  • Researching different doctors/midwifes in the area that I want to deliver the baby
  • Researching different birthing classes that Darin and I can go to to be prepared for the baby's arrival
  • Buying furniture for our new place (we moved with absolutely no furniture) so this has been fun
  • Buying decorations for our new place to make it feel more like home
  • Researching different baby gear and baby products and looking for ways to cut costs
  • Applying to lots of nanny jobs and a few other jobs I found on glassdoor
  • Reading pregnancy books
  • Working out & getting into the routine of cooking again 
It feels pretty have nice to have time to do all of these things and I have been trying hard to keep busy and not get distracted by netflix, although, I do watch Grey's Anatomy while I do the housework. But at least that is multitasking!

We have been so lucky to have been surrounded by family the past few weeks. With my parents helping us to drive out here from Utah and move in and then Darin's family coming up this weekend to check out our new place and spend time with us during memorial weekend. 

Here are some of the pics: 

Stanford University --> Beautiful Place

Full House HOUSE

My cutie his first week of work. Propeller hats!

And the most important picture... me on a bike!!! I am so scared of riding bikes but I did it. :)

I am hoping that now that we are more settled and we don't have anyone coming to stay with us until the end of June I will have some time for some quality blog postinggg. Yay! 


  1. Stef! Our midwife is out in that area somewhere, and she teaches classes as well. She was Allen's mom's midwife too haha. Let me know if you want her contact info, I'm sure she could recommend some people near you.

  2. Stef I'm so excited about your move and I am so glad that it feels normal already! Life here in SC also feels really natural. I'm in the same boat about not finding a job yet, too. It feels weird having zero plans every day while Nick is at work but I need money! And friends, hahah. I can't wait to see how life in California turns out for you! xoxo


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