Friday, May 9, 2014

It's been a really long day but a great day. We woke up at 7:00, our flight left at 9:30  and we arrived in Oakland around 10:30 PST. After a thirty minute drive to Mountain View we finally found a place to eat and stopped at subway for lunch.  Authentic. We then checked out 15 different apartments in Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, and Campbell. We found some pretty lousy places but also some pretty legit places. All in all I am pretty excited and can't wait for another day to look tomorrow and hopefully settle on a new home. 

This place is so beautiful and I am getting way more excited to live here!!! Yeah it will be hard missing all of our friends but it's just another place to call home. 

I didn't have too much time to take pictures but here are a few: 

We're here!!

California flag. Can't fly equal with that US flag like Texas can :) guess Texas will always rise above! 

Took this pic at the Mexican restaurant we went to for dinner. My grandfather and I used to play "Loteria" together growing up. That game brings back so many memories. Love my abuelito. 

Well off to bed at 9 PM. Sounds good to me.

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